I was very grateful to have Dr. Michael Leff of Center For Alternative Medicine’s, wisdom and positive attitude helping me during my pregnancy giving me prenatal care. When I could not seem to get a minute of relief from heartburn, Dr. Leff immediately provided me with a supplement that had me heartburn free for the remainder of my pregnancy. At the end of my term, I was suffering from Gestational Hypertension and Dr. Leff was able to help me get some relief from the swelling when it seemed to be at its worst. Every time I visit with Dr. Leff is always a wonderful healing experience in an atmosphere that is most relaxing and full of “good feeling” energy; exactly what you want when pregnant. I would recommend Dr. Leff and staff to anyone looking for a bountiful well being experience.

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  1. Donna said:

    I developed a very severe case of plaque psoriasis that was covered from head to toe, beginning of September 2016. After many visits to dermatologists around town, I was recommended by my daughter to see Dr. Leff.

    My doctors wanted to put me on Embrel and Humira, which are very toxic, costly and difficult injections to be on for a lifetime. Dr. Leff told me he was 90% sure that he could help me. I had a difficult time believing him during my first visit since I was feeling helpless with my situation. However, after acupuncture and is recommended supplements I was improving in a week. Within two weeks I was 50% better, and within three weeks I was 80% better.
    I believe that Dr. Leff understands the causes and treatments for diseases better than many traditional medical physicians,, who only uses drugs as a Band-Aid therapy , and not to cure.

    Even though I am not totally cured of psoriasis now, I am on my way, and I would encourage everyone with auto immune disease is to see this amazing doctor and healer.

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