IMG_0819b.jpgThe Center for Alternative Medicine

exists in order to learn and incorporate enough knowledge and wisdom about the body and all its interactions-both internal and external- in order to provide the highest quality health care available, so that we can treat the person, not the body. We vow to utilize only the best of the healing arts available.

Are you sick, tired or in constant pain? If you have a medical problem and no answers to your questions, then here is good news! It is well known that proper diet, exercise and nutrition can help prevent disease from occurring later in life. A recent study released by the American Medical Association recommends everyone take a multivitamin daily in order to prevent chronic disease.

Did you ever wonder which vitamins you should and should not be taking, or if they are really working? Have you ever wondered what else you can do to prevent or even cure those problems which you have been told are ‘incurable?” There are ways to fix the the problem instead of covering the symptoms with side-effect causing medications. Finding the source of disease and treating it is much more effective than disguising the symptoms with drugs while the disease runs rampant.

“I believe a doctor must use a holistic approach to health care. Narrow minded physicians often miss the problem because they are looking in the wrong place. You cannot recognize what you do not know. The human body is the most sophisticated machine on earth, and should be treated as more than the sum of its parts,” states Dr. Michael Leff.

We offer the latest in Western medical thought along with the oldest in Eastern medicine

Because somewhere in the middle

lies the answer…

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I look forward to a long and healthy relationship with you. Remember, this is a full service clinic. If you need something or have any questions, please feel free to ask.

“I believe all diseases and cures come from within.

You just have to know where and how to look for them.�?