Case Study 3: Childs Earache

Case Study 3

Earache (Otitis Media)

Joe: 4 year old male

Joe’s father is a patient who I had treated for shoulder pain. Joe started getting earaches when he was 2 years old. He had myringotomy (ear tubes) when he was two. He had been placed on antibiotics over 6 times.

Joe presented with right-sided jaw and ear pain. He had once again been to his primary care physician who recommended another course of antibiotics. Surgery was next on his list. Needless to say, his father wanted to avoid that.

There are two main reasons I find kids get earaches and ear infections. First is a misalignment of the top vertebra in the neck. Second is what is known as dysbiosis.

Let’s start with number 1.

There are lymphatic vessels all over your body. They collect the waste in our bodies that need to be eliminated. Most people are familiar with the ones in our necks that swell when we are getting sick. If the junk in the head is coming out faster than the lymph vessels can eliminate it, our glands swell.

What often happens in kids is a very common condition called Childbirth. You say that childbirth is a beautiful thing right? Well, it’s not so beautiful for the fragile neck of an infant. I have seen research showing that up to 90 pounds of force is put onto the infant’s neck when the doctor is trying to extract them vaginally with forceps. It is only slightly less for Cesarean born babies.

Can you imagine all the twisting and pulling on the baby’s head may be traumatic to the neck? If (more likely, when) this trauma misaligns a bone in their neck, that can stop the lymphatic drainage of the head. It is directly related to the Eustachian tube’s ability to drain infection out of the ear. Voila! Ear infection. With a very gentle and simple adjustment of that bone, the ears are allowed to once again drain, and the earaches go away. There is often a second part to fixing this, which we will now discuss.

Dysbiosis is the second most common cause of ear infections. Dysbiosis essentially means that you have too much garbage in your intestines. If you are eating things you shouldn’t, the toxins are backing up in your bowels. Eventually that stuff leaks into your bloodstream and causes terrible things to happen: earaches, infections, allergies, Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, headaches… and the list goes on. The buildup of toxins in your bowels changes its pH, and yeast (Candida) starts to grow. Candida thrives on the carbohydrates in your saliva. So when you sleep, the Candida clenches your jaw to produce more saliva, so they can eat. People who wake up with a tight jaw, jaw clenchers and people who wear night guards/splints often have Candida as an underlying cause.

I asked Joe’s dad if he clenched his teeth at night. Sure enough the boy had been complaining of the very thing. The first thing that needs to be done to fix an earache/infection is to eliminate all wheat and dairy from the diet! I adjusted the bone in Joe’s neck, advised him of the foods he shouldn’t be eating (especially wheat/dairy), and gave him a special probiotic for kids.

I spoke with Joe’s dad a few days later. The ear and jaw pain were gone, and the infection had cleared.


This is such a common problem, and typically very simple to fix. People get caught up going to their pediatricians for tubes and antibiotics. It is quite frankly, stupid. Antibiotics are not supposed to be given for ear infections. They don’t work! The pediatric governing board does not recommend using antibiotics for ear infections! Some people continue to insist, so what is a doctor to do?

The first thing I do for kids that keep getting sick or have bad allergies/colic etc., is pull them all wheat and dairy. None at all! Wheat has a similar genetic sequence to the Influenza Virus. Every time you eat it, your body things it’s getting hit with the flu. Dairy is just awful for humans. The dairy council has a fabulous marketing team, that’s all. Milk is an allergen to humans. Very little calcium is absorbable from milk. Milk is full of growth hormone and pesticides. All it does is clog up your intestines and set off inflammatory reactions all over the body.Stop feeding it to your kids! Use rice/almond and soy milk as alternatives.

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