I am 37 years old. Two years ago my husband and I began trying to get pregnant. I will admit we were one of the ‘lucky one’s’ in that we got pregnant on the first try. Unfortunately, we lost that baby at 13 weeks and another baby at 6.5 weeks. I was, needless to say, distraught. If I were honest with myself, I probably was not taking the best care of myself and I was probably not the best home for a baby to develop in for 10 months at that time. SO…I called Dr. Leff. Whenever something is off in my life I call Dr. Leff. I went in for some of his treatments (overall assessment, adjustments the ever-so-fun needles) and got on a better track of total well being. March 2009 I got pregnanct…YAH!!! My husband and I were beyond elated. Of course, we were nervous though having lost two other babies. But, I stayed focused on being positive and stayed in the ‘Dr. Leff program.’ At about 8 weeks the nausea and every othey pregnancy symptom you can imagaine hit me (heartburn, dissyness, headaches, leg/foot cramps, disgust over food and all smells…I could go on and on). I literally had every symptom in the book but the worst was my nauseau. It was unbearable. But, I was so excited about being pregnant that I felt like I should be grateful and just dealt with it. At that time, I saw Dr. Leff about every 4 weeks. So, in one of my maintance visits to Dr. Leff I described all my ailments and within 10 minutes I was nauseau-free for the first time in weeks. It was amazing. I left his office that day with all sorts of suggestions, herbs and opintments to help. I swear he was a miracle worker. He took such care with me and my specific situation…knowing how delicate my body and emotions were at that time. Nothing and no one can replace my Dr. Leff. Oh and my little one, Dillon, he’s 10 months now (such an amazing journey and blessing) and before you know it we’ll be working on babay #2 soon!

November 8th, 2010|Testimonials|